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"Javier: We appreciate the fantastic job you did in helping us entertain some distinguished guests. The food and service were superb. The special touch was the introduction of each course of the meal and the flavors we should seek as a tasting note. We hope soon to repeat that memorable evening."

Cucchiara - Weymouth, MA

"My husband and I agree that hiring Chev Jav was the best thing we ever did.  Now when we get home from work we spend time talking to each other and our kids rather than rushing to the store to buy groceries, cook and get dinner on the table.  The food is delicious.  It's like eating out every night and our 2 year old eats it all - from Salmon Wellington to Weiner Schnitzel!"

Armstrong/Milano - Groton, MA

"It's so fun getting to eat such a variety of dishes professionally prepared. Thanks again for coming to Milford. The service has greatly improved the quality of our evenings - much less stressful!"

Sylvia/Jarek - Milford, MA


"I am a busy, professional woman with two children and an equally-busy husband. By the time we get home from work and school, we all want to eat immediately, which has heretofore meant junk or frozen foods. With The Dinner Maker, however, I can now have healthy meals available which take no more time to prepare than what we were previously eating. I don't have to feel guilty about what I feed my family any longer, and we get much more of a variety of foods than we ever attempted to eat in the past. The price is reasonable and well worth it, the portions are generous, and the meals reheat wonderfully. Can't recommend it highly enough!"

Chew - Ashby, MA

"The food is great and customized to our liking. It's also very easy to re-heat. There are no pans to clean up which is awesome. And we save so much time by not having to prepare our own meals."

Guile - Westminster, MA

"Javier is so wonderful to work with. His menu choices are much more extensive than that listed on his website and the food is delicious. I am very happy with the service since it allows me and my husband to spend more time with our baby when we come home from work."

Chun - Southborough, Massachusetts

"We finally get to enjoy the convenience of not having to do the grocery shopping and cooking of our meals. The food is great and easy to prepare and its just wonderful."

Frye - Leominster, MA

"As I re-entered the workforce, a friend told me about The Dinner Maker during a conversation in which I told her that the missing ingredient in our household since I returned to work was family meals. I just had no time. We were all coming home starving. Javier has eased the tension within our household by providing his services which are scrumptious! He serves generous portions and neatly labels everything ready to eat, refrigerate or freeze. I highly recommend him to anyone !"

Wilbur - Millbury, MA


"The service is wonderful. The food is so good and convenient that even my kids can re-heat the meals because of the simplified re-heating instructions."

Garretson - Athol, MA

"The Dinner Maker solved our dinnertime problems. Javier cooks great food. He’s professional, pleasant, and bends over backwards to accommodate individual tastes. He always follows up to make sure we’re satisfied. The convenience can’t be beat!"

Travis - Ashby, MA

"I like the fact that he can customize every menu item to my liking. It is a great working relationship. Plus, it has relieved me from cooking that it allows me to do other things."

Reid - Ashburnham, MA

"This service is the best thing since sliced bread! Great food and a really good way to eat healthier meals at an affordable rate. This is a service well worth the money!"

Chapin - Ashburnham, MA

"Our DinnerMaker experience has been great! The range of tastes and selections on the menu has been a real treat for us to experience.  The menu is a wealth of truly unique infusions of taste, texture and color!  I find the value and quality to be well worth the fee and would highly recommend DinnerMaker.  I would also encourage everyone to try selections on the menu that you normally wouldn’t get the chance to taste. We are always pleasantly surprised."

Fitzgerald/Lall - Malborough, MA

"Chef Jav's meals went above my expectations. He really blends flavors well and offers such a wide variety. Most importantly, all the meals re-heat with fantastic results, even from the freezer. Can't be beat!"

Allen - Ashburnham, MA

"Anyone who is a parent of young children knows that between the hours of 5pm and 8pm can be the most stressful of the day.  When people are tired, hungry and cranky it makes what should be a relaxing time feel overwhelming.  Trying to shop, prepare and cook a healthy and great tasting meal can be near impossible… leaving the option of fast food, take out or simply poor eating choices seem acceptable. To top it off, as a business owner, my time is so valuable and going to the grocery store at 8pm when I want to relax or having to miss out on valuable time with my family after a work day to prepare and cook food was frustrating. Enter The Dinner Maker!!! 5pm -8pm has taken on whole new meaning.  My wife and I are now having a more consistent family dinner and our time is being spent as a family versus one person shopping, another preparing dinner while our son plays by himself.  To top off the extreme value of time freedom and relaxing evenings, the food is beyond incredibly delicious. It is like having a circus in your mouth! We even had all our meals prepared low sodium and low fat and based on the flavor, you would never know it! Hiring The Dinner Maker is more than just having someone cook food for you.  It is a valuable solution to the frustration, stress and overwhelm most families and business owners face when it comes to healthy eating and quality time together.”

Jeff - Husband, Father, Business Owner & one well fed man!


"The food is delicious and it's wonderful coming home to prepared meals. The flavors are awesome and the meal combinations are creative. This is a terrific treat for the working couple!"

Audette - Rutland, MA




"I have been meaning to send you a special thank you for making my daughter's bridal shower such a wonderful success. The food was absolutely delicious and you became part of the fun for the women attending the shower. Her wedding was this past Saturday and people were still talking about how great the shower was. You saved me having to do all the work and I could relax and enjoy the day. Thank you again for all you did!!!"

Parker - Westminster, MA

"Chef Javier demonstrated 3 Latin dishes prepared in our home. The evening was fun and informative. He was prepared, professional and had a friendly easy style while answering our MANY questions as he brought us through the cooking process."

McDonald - Lunenburg, MA

"Javier put together a great cooking party with awesome food. All of my guests were thrilled and at the same time learned a bunch of new cooking tips and techniques. I recommend him to anyone who wants to put together a different kind of party!!"

Hackerman - Princeton, MA

"All I can say is AWESOME!!!, Very professional and very accommodating. We had an absolute wonderful time, and great meal at our interactive 40th birthday party. We learned some great cooking tips also. What fun!"

White - Holden, MA



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