Coconut Shrimp Curry

Succulent Shrimp Simmered in a aromatic Coconut Curry broth.


Thai Pumpkin Seafood Curry

Salmon and shrimp are simmered in a curry made with select spices and coconut milk. Exotic and delicious!


Roasted Haddock with Mango Pepper BBQ Sauce (Grilled or Oven)

Delicious fresh sword in pan roasted and draped in a sweet and tangy sauce made with fresh mango, bell pepper, scallions, brown sugar and more.


Salmon Burger

Fresh Atlantic Salmon finely diced and then mixed with an array of fresh ingredients, carefully pan roasted and then laid on a bed of julienne vegetables and topped with a touch of sweet lemon pesto.


Herb Dijon Basted Shrimp

Succulent shrimp are seasoned and skewered and grilled or oven roasted and then basted with a sauce made with Dijon mustard and fresh herbs.


Pan Seared Salmon with Walnut Citrus Sauce

Fresh Salmon is seasoned, seared and slowly roasted in the oven.  Draped with a creamy sweet citrus sauce with roasted walnuts.


Shrimp & Vegetable Carbonara

Sautee shrimp and vegetables are simmered in a cream sauce made with fresh ham and bacon and tossed with fresh parmesan and herbs.


Citrus Soy Pan Glazed Salmon

Grapefruit and lime juice marinated Salmon steaks are seared and finished in the oven with soy sauce, garlic and ginger.  Glazed and served with scallions.


Honey Glazed Shrimp

Succulent shrimp are seasoned and expertly roasted in the oven.  Then glazed with an herb lemon juice and honey glaze


Macadamian Crusted Cod

Oven roasted seasoned Cod is topped with a crust made with crushed macadamian nuts, panko crumbs, fresh parsley and sweet butter.


Maple Thyme Glazed Salmon

Salmon is seared in a butter olive oil combination then glazed and finished with a maple glaze mix made with Dijon mustard, thyme, brown sugar & horseradish cream.


New England Baked Cod

Fresh Cod is topped with a traditional ritz cracker bread topping with lemon zest, black pepper and fresh chopped parsley.  Finished in the oven with a dollop of butter.


Blue Corn Crusted Tilapia with Tomato Tarragon Salsa

A crust topping with crushed blue corn tortilla chips, panko crumbs, and herbs.  Oven roasted to perfection and served with a delightful tomato tarragon salsa made with sweet honey.


Pistachio topped Tilapia

Pistachio crumb topping makes this dish subtle yet full of flavor.  Pan seared and finished in the oven until perfect.


Cod Au Gratin

Atlantic Cod is seasoned and baked in a creamy sauce with freshly sautéed mushrooms, onions and more. Topped with bread crumbs and broiled in the oven until golden brown.




Hoisin Peanut Salmon

Marinated salmon roasted with a hoisin blend topped with crushed toasted peanuts.  


Plantain Macadamian Topped Haddock

A crispy topping made with crispy plantain chips and roasted macadamian nuts. Blended with parsley and hints of cilantro then topped over a 7oz Haddock steak and finished in the oven.


Roast Shrimp with Shaved Fennel and Tomato Pepper Coulis

A special treat in this dish.  The wonderful aromatic fennel bulb is finely julienned and sautéed. Then is simmered in a puree made from fresh tomato and sauté red peppers.  This drapes succulent shrimp.


Curried Cod with Apple Red Pepper Mignonette

Cod is seasoned in madras curry, seared in butter and served with a broth made with diced granny smith apples, red pepper, and fresh ginger.


Seared Shrimp with Brussels Sprouts & Bacon

Ocean tiger shrimp are simmered in a light chicken broth with bacon bits and brussel sprout halves that have been seared in butter.


Seared Tilapia Steak with Nut Topping

Tilapia steak is seared with salt and pepper and then topped with a nut mixture with fresh parsley.  Finished in the oven to your liking.


Sesame Cod with Passion Fruit Butter Sauce

Fresh Cod is seasoned and coated with sesame seeds.  Pan seared and finished in the oven.  Served with a tropical passion fruit sauce laced with butter.


Shrimp Vegetable Stir Fry

Delicious dish made with carrots, snow peas, shitake mushrooms, peppers, and onions. Finished with egg strips, scallions, roasted peanuts and a chili peanut sauce with soy sauce.


Classic Salmon Casserole

An oldie but goodie home-style dish made with layered fresh salmon, peas and carrots and creamy mashed potatoes.


Spicy Shrimp with Pineapple & Bok Choy

Sautéed peppers and onions with golden sweet pineapple are then simmered in a wonderful Asian inspired sauce which is served with pan roasted shrimp and baby bok choy.


Tomato Cashew Crusted Salmon

Atlantic salmon pan roasted and topped a dried tomato and cashew mixture and gratin in the oven until golden brown.


Salmon Wellington

A twist on a classic.  Salmon is wrapped in a puff pastry filled with duxel mushrooms and served with a creamy chefs choice vegetable puree.


Lasagna Wrapped Salmon with Julienne Vegetables

A wonderful dish made with seasoned Atlantic salmon topped with julienne vegetables, ricotta and fresh parmesan cheese.  Wrapped in lasagna and topped with a lemon cream sauce with dill.


Yukon Potato Crusted Salmon

Salmon steaks are topped with shaved Yukon gold potato, seasoned and pan seared in butter and finished in the oven.


Baked Cod with Cranberry Ritz Crumb

Oven baked fresh cod is seasoned and topped with a delicious crumb topping made with dried cranberries, lemon zest, ritz crackers and fresh herbs.

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