A Personal Chef has many different clients in which he cooks multiple meals in their home in a marathon session a left for the client to consume at their leisure. A Private Chef deals with one client primarily and cooks most of their meals every day. Private chefs usually reside in the home of the client or travels with them. Personal Chefs mission is to supply an alternative to eating out, Ordering out and even giving back the freedom from ever having to worry about what to make for dinner.​

Absolutely! If you spend enough money and time getting your meals on a daily basis the numbers usually add up. The hassle of going to the supermarket, dealing with the stress of figuring out what to make for dinner, dealing with the lines, cooking and slaving over a hot stove, cleaning up the kitchen and maybe getting a decent meal out of it. Oh yea, not to mention the time you may not have to actually make a decent meal. You'd rather spend more quality personal time than cooking, right? Finally, do you find yourself making fast food joint trips because you don't have the time to actually cook. These numbers all add up!​

can i really afford

having a personal chef?​

The meals are made freezer friendly unless otherwise noted in the instructions left for you.
Generally speaking, meals left in the refrigerator can last up to 5 days and still be decent quality. In the freezer we recommend no more than a month. Remember, we cook using fresh ingredients and don't use "glow in the dark" additives and preservatives to prolong shelf life.​

Yes,during our assessment meeting we will address all allergies, likes and dislikes pertaining to your tastes. We can also meet any and all dietary needs by cooking according to those particular diet recommendations. In most cases we use recipes adopted from sources dedicated to those diets. Some of those diets include: Atkins, South Beach and Weight Watchers. We can also cook your favorite recipes if you'd like.

Payments are done in advance. Usually a week prior to the assigned cook date. For non-inclusive packages, a bill will be either left with you regarding the cost of food or be billed to you at a later date. In any case, payment is to be made before the next cook date.

We've seen them all. Large, small, old and new. Size should not a be a problem unless we're talking closet size. Even then we will try our best. We do, however, prefer clean kitchens and not abandoned ones where initial cleaning needs to take place at each cook date. We love to take care of your needs but we are a Personal Chef Service not a Maid Clean service.

is a small kitchen a problem?​

Yes we do! As part of a small start up fee, we will buy the appropriate containers for the service. We can use your containers but unless they are neatly stackable and you have enough, we prefer to accommodate your meals in proper containers for the best storage.

Do you supply storage

containers for all meals?

Do we have an option of how often we need this service?​

Depending on the package you decide on, the space can be moderate to considerable. What we find is that the freezer can fit these containers well once its cleaned out from all the old TV dinners and frost bitten food items. However, we will store all meals in your refrigerator initially and leave the freezing up to your discretion. Either way, the food will be great!!

how much space do you need in the refrigerator/freezer?​

for more information or any other questions please contact:​

commonly asked questions

What is the difference between personal and private chefs?​

Of course there is, we tailor this service to your needs…always. Whether you need us once a week, bi-weekly, or once a month... it is entirely your choice.

how long do the meals last?​

can you customize meals?​

when do i pay for the service?

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