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food for thought

Before you decide that you can’t afford our wonderful service, we want to give you some “food for thought”…so to speak.

If you find yourself and/or your family dining out, ordering take out, or even driving thru fast food restaurants at least three times a week you are probably spending more or the same as you would if you were to hire your own Personal Chef to come into your home and make delicious home-made meals.


3 nights for family of 4


Higher-end Family Chain Restaurant...$240.00 approx

avg per plate: $20

Family Chain Restaurant...$180.00 approx

avg per plate: $15

Chinese Delivery...$120.00 approx

avg per order: $40



# of Combined Meals...12

Average cost per meal...$45.00


These numbers do not reflect tips, gasoline, your time driving to a restaurant, the waiting time, no true customizing of meals, and basically purchasing processed foods that are mainly frozen and pumped with preservatives/additives.




5 Entrees, 4 Portions
(all inclusive) package...$425.00

# of Combined Meals...20

Average cost per meal...$21.25





So basically for  HALF the COST per plate you get a Personal Chef Service that includes: More food, Menu planning, food grocery shopping, meal preparation, labeling Packaging of meals, and personalized meals according to your needs.


Also no processed foods, no preservatives or additives. That means fresh foods all the time!

Just "Some Food For Thought…"

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